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British Army vintage Tel. L.S. No 2 Control unit MK2-£75 & 2 Reslo P.A. speakers-£45

Tel. L.S. No 2 Control unit MK2 .
This appears to be a reconditioned WW2 era control that was upgraded in 4/1959 [date painted on the lid for April 1959?]. There is a Bakelite microphone but no headset, my understanding is that the unit was adapted for use with a military camp public address system. The wooden box appears to have been repainted when the unit was refurbished in 1959. The original earlier [WW2 era] larger lettering is visible through the newer green paint.
The metal instruction plate appears to be post-WW2. As can be seen from the photographs the wooden box and webbing strap are in excellent condition, as are the internal parts. The control unit on its own is being sold as not working for £75.00
Also being sold are 2 Reslo type LT 200 P.A. speakers which are belived to have been used with the Tel. L.S. No 2 Control unit MK2 on an army camp. These PA speakers also appear to be in excellent condition, but appear to have been repainted yellow. The external wiring of the speakers appears to be intact, but the speakers on their own are being sold as not working for £45.00 for the two.

Freikorps Insignia by VerKuilen Ager, published in Rochester, New York, USA, 1979-£12.00

In overall very good original condition. Small tear and loss of paper at the top right hand corner of the cover and slight damage to the fly leaf underneath. Some minor signs of age and use.
Paper covers. 58 A4 sized pages bound with plastic binder.

WW2 era Duffle Coat with adapted hood-48 chest.


WW2 era Duffle Coat is being sold as believed to date from WW2 [according to verbal history] but unfortunately it has no labels. The hood has been adapted into a stand up collar.

Apparently [according to what my late uncle, who served in Eritrea onwards to Italy, told me some years back. This is not his coat.] this this adaption was quite common in North Africa and Italy as hoods blocked all round visibility. Apart from the adaption the coat is in original condition. All the wooden toggles are there, but the bottom toggle cord has been replaced on one side.

The coat measures 24 inches across the chest when laid flat.

Unfortunately, there is some quite obvious moth damage to the back, and some other minor damage in less obvious places.

1959 Rifle Brigade Officers Khaki Gaberdine Uniform Jacket & Trousers-Col. D.R.L. Bright.


The jacket and trousers belonged to Colonel D.R.L.Bright and have black Rifle Brigade buttons, 2 pips & crown on epaulettes and red staff insignia on the collar. No regimental or other unit badges. Full designation on the jacket label is is “Suits, Gabardine, Khaki, Jackets” Height 6 ft. Breast 42 ½ ins. Waist 40 ½ ins. The trousers are the same fabric, date and manufacturer and are 39 ½ waist with a 32 ½ ins leg, with button fly, braces buttons & belt loops. Both jacket and trousers are in excellent original condition with some minor signs of age.

1901 Boer War Christmas greetings card to serving soldier, hand painted water-colour



A greetings card for Christmas 1901 and New Year 1902 to a soldier serving in the 2nd Boer War in South Africa with a water-colour illustration and hand-written lettering on both sides. The greeting is in the form of doggerel. The maker of the card appears to be called Wal Phillips and the recipient appears to be called Bun.



In excellent original condition, the card was designed to be folded but appears never to have been. It was until very recently framed which is why it is in such excellent condition. There is a slight trace of hardened contemporary glue [the light brown stain on the edge near the greeting] on what would have been the outside of the card where is was fixed to a backing sheet. The card sheet measures 9 ½ x 8 inches. The water-colour illustration measures 6 x 4 inches.

WW2-Tunisia Campaign, 1942-The Army At War-Illustrated-HMSO, London-1944

Published in 1944 by His Majesty’s Stationary Office, London. A record of the November of 1942 Anglo-American invasion of North Africa and the subsequent campaign.


60 pages of full and part page black and white photos. In magazine form with paper covers, it is in very good original and fully intact condition with no rips or tears or loose pages. Some slight signs of age and wear. It measures 14 x 9 ½ inches.

WW2 H. Vpfl 1941-Heeres verpflegungs 1941 sack-original German Army Food Supply 1941 woven sack


WW2 H.Vpfl 1941-Heeres verpflegungs 1941 sack-original German Army Food Supply 1941 woven sack.

Clearly marked on one side with H.VPFL 1941. ‘Heeres Verpflegung’ which means Army Food Supply. and on the other with an eagle and swastika. This is an original bag, not a reproduction. It is in excellent original condition with some minor staining and one small ¾ inch easily repairable hole [see photos].

The sack measures approx. 104 x 67 cms.

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