Tel. L.S. No 2 Control unit MK2 .
This appears to be a reconditioned WW2 era control that was upgraded in 4/1959 [date painted on the lid for April 1959?]. There is a Bakelite microphone but no headset, my understanding is that the unit was adapted for use with a military camp public address system. The wooden box appears to have been repainted when the unit was refurbished in 1959. The original earlier [WW2 era] larger lettering is visible through the newer green paint.
The metal instruction plate appears to be post-WW2. As can be seen from the photographs the wooden box and webbing strap are in excellent condition, as are the internal parts. The control unit on its own is being sold as not working for £75.00
Also being sold are 2 Reslo type LT 200 P.A. speakers which are belived to have been used with the Tel. L.S. No 2 Control unit MK2 on an army camp. These PA speakers also appear to be in excellent condition, but appear to have been repainted yellow. The external wiring of the speakers appears to be intact, but the speakers on their own are being sold as not working for £45.00 for the two.