Over 30 years of buying and selling curiosities & oddities and assorted useful junk & interesting second time around items

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Redd Lyon Curios is an online orientated business located in the picturesque village of Nonington in the beautiful East Kent countryside. There are no business premises open to the public on a daily basis as the online business now operates from my garage and assorted garden sheds. The viewing of  items of interest can be arranged between 08.00 to 20.00 hours on week-days, week-ends, and Bank Holidays.

The business has over thirty years experience of buying and selling a varied and often seemingly strange selection of ancient and modern items. Books maps & prints; militaria; country sports items; pre-owned clothing of all ages; country  living & agricultural curios & bric-a-brac of all shapes and sizes along with architectural salvage for the house and garden are just some of the myriad of items that have passed through the Redd Lyon’s paws since trading began in 1988.


What’s in store for you  at our Facebook shop can be found at
Redd Lyon Curios of Nonington-The Shop In The Shed


A curiosity has nearly been the downfall of this crimson cat on more than one occasion, but as an old farmer and general dealer told me many years ago,
“If you’ve never had a bad deal, boy,  then you’ve never dealt!”


Redd Lyon Curios is always interested in acquiring new stock, so please contact me if you wish to sell any
“Curiosities & Oddities and Useful Junk & Interesting Second Time Around Items” 

Redd Lyon Curios of Nonington:
  The Nutshell, Holt Street, Nonington, Kent CT15 4HY.
Telephone: 07541842030
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Redd Lyon Curios of Nonington-The Shop In The Shed

Deliveries and collections by arrangement between 08.00 to 20.00 hours on week-days, week-ends, and Bank Holidays.


Redd Lyon Curios of Nonington is registered in accordance with section 5 [2] of the Kent County Council Act 2001 & section 5 [2] of the Medway Council Act 2001.
Registration number:087247.




  1. clivemwebb

    The building is in use. It was previously used as a church social club building and village library.

  2. Jonathan Axam

    Hi, it’s a bit of a long shot, but I am interested in the history of Nonington and came across a derelict building on Holt Street. It’s boarded up and its next to the Cricket club. I just wondered what it was previously used for and if there were plans for it for the future. Many thanks for your time. Jon.

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