Redd Lyon Curios  only accepts payment in cash for items bought when the buyer or his representative is present in person at the place of purchase.
Redd Lyon Curios also only accepts payment  in cash where it has previously been agreed with the buyer that payment of the previously agreed sale price of an item and of any previously agreed charges connected to the delivery  of an item is to be made on delivery of the item to the buyer’s previously stated and previously agreed delivery address.

Due to high set-up and transaction charges Redd Lyon Curios does not accept direct payment by credit or debit card but is happy to offer Paypal as an alternative method of payment.
For items sold when the buyer is not present a PayPal invoice inclusive of the purchase price and any handling, packaging, delivery or other previously agreed ancillary charges will be sent to the buyer so that payment can be made securely. 

Please note: the  prices shown for the items for sale are for the purchase of the item only. The prices shown do not include the cost of any handling, packing, insurance, delivery or any other ancillary charges.

Local delivery can be made for an additional cost where applicable. Items purchased on-line can be sent to buyers by courier or other agreed methods of delivery. Please ask for a quotation for the cost of delivery before buying.  

Collection in person by the buyer or by a third party on behalf of the buyer can be made by arrangement. A handling and packing fee where applicable may be chargeable for collection by a third party.
The usual business hours for collections  by previous arrangement are between 08.00 hrs. and 20.00.hrs on normal working week days, but week-end and Bank Holiday collections can be made by previous arrangement.