Local Interest Miscellanea

1979-Canterbury City Alms Houses-Maynard & Cotton’s Hospital, & Hookers Almshouses In The City Of Canterbury-Election Of A  Sister  notice-£20.00

An original 1979 printed poster on hardboard City of Canterbury notice on behalf of the Mayor regarding the election of a Sister to one of the city’s alms houses. The poster is designed to be hung on a wall by the string on the back. The printed poster has been varnished, apparently just after having been stuck to the hardboard. This must have been to preserve the surface from weathering. In excellent original condition. some slight nibbles to the corners of the hardboard backing. It measures 20 ½ x 14 inches.

1981-Sandwich, Kent by JRA Scotney-five monochrome photo prints of Sandwich-£25.00 for the set of five

Being sold as a set-photographic prints on card of The Toll Bridge, The Barbican Gate, Church St. towards St. Mary’s, The Pilgrims in Strand St., and The King’s Lodgings entrance. All dated 1981. They appear to have originally been in a folio file as the sheets of card have holes punched in them.I am unable to find any information about the photos. They all measure around 12 x 9 inches.
The photos are in excellent original condition but the card mounts have had some wear and tear. The card could easily be trimmed and the photos framed.

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