Garden Furniture & Miscellanea

Vintage Burgess Acousti Telephone Booth
-interesting planter or home/shop decoration

A vintage Burgess Acousti Telephone Booth which could be used as a planter or cleaned up and used as for home or venue décor. Curved back. The condition is not to bad , as can can be seen in the photos, it has had some minor damage to the arched top. Made from mainly from aluminium, so it’s not very heavy. When laid on its back it measures approx. 24 inches across the front and is approx. 24 inches deep. It’s 12 inches high at the front and 20 inches at the back.


Two Bistro Chairs-£25 the pair

A matching pair of stacking aluminium Bistro chairs. In very good condition with some minor signs of outdoor use and storage.

Two galvanized metal rubbish bag holders-88 cms tall x 38 cms diameter-£20 each

Heavy gauge metal as used for public litterbins. Both in fully usable condition with some minor signs of use and weathering. Both will hold a full sized heavy duty bin bag also hessian or paper sack. Both measure approx 88 cms in height and 38 cms in diameter £20 each or £35 for the two.


Two New Fencemaster Drive-In Galvanized Fence Post Holders-£12 for the two

2 New Fencemate Drive-In Galvanized Post Holders-4” x 4” x 30” [approx. 10 x 10 x 75 cms]. New with labels on. One has the tightening bolts and nuts missing.

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