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Shooting and other country pursuit items

4oz hip flask & funnel for John Lewis by Smith & Canova-unused in its original presentation box-£12

The leather covered flask and the silver metal funnel are in their original box and appears never to have been taken out of it. The flask holds 4 fluid ounces/ 120 mls [there are 20 fluid ounces in a British Imperial pint].

John Rigby & Co., of 43 Sackville Street, London W1: vintage fabric covered wooden gun [rifle] travelling case in original condition.



This vintage Rigby gun travelling  case [almost certainly for a Rigby rifle] is in original condition but does need some renovation and refurbishing. 

The fabric cladding is  worn and missing in some places resulting in some wear to the exposed wooden travelling case. 

The lock does work but has no key and would also benefit from a good cleaning and oiling.

One of the leather carrying handle D-ring retaining straps needs resewing. Otherwise the leather straps and the leather banding at the ends are in very good condition but need some saddle soap or neats foot oil to restore them. 
The original Rigby label is in very good original condition but does have some wear to it. 

The baize lining of the case also has wear to it. Please look at the photos for a better idea of the overall condition. 

The case measures 33″ long x 9″ wide x 32 deep.
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