Useful Junk & Second Time Around Items

Antique ball and claw cast iron bath feet-set of 4 matching feet-£60.00

A set of four antique cast iron ball and claw bath tub feet in excellent undamaged condition. The ball part of the foot is about the size of a cricket ball.
Each foot is approx. 9 inches wide by 11 inches long by 7 inches deep.


Art Deco Cast Iron Adjustable Bath Feet-£45 for the set of four

All four feet are in original condition and ideal for restoring a bath or adding to another piece of furniture. They need restoring [stripping and repainting?] but all the nuts and bolts are in good order.


Italian Dove Marble Table Top or Sculpture Base-moulded sides-rounded corners-dimensions 25 x 18.5 x 2 inches-£30.00

Italian Dove Marble Table Top or Sculpture Base

A piece of worked Italian Dove marble with moulded edges and rounded corners. Ideal for a table top or the base for a sculpture or model. The overall length of the bottom side is 25” long, the width is 18 ½”. The top is 22 ¾” long by 15 ¼” wide. Overall thickness is 2”. Very heavy, weight 25 Kgs plus. It has two approx. ½” diameter holes drilled in it which could be used for fixing, or they could be filled.


Five new & unused matching porcelain door finger plates with Gold Greek key pattern borders, made by B.E.L. Products.

All made by B.E.L. Products and all in original unused condition
Each plate measures 10 ½ inches long by 2 ¾ inches wide.


Two pedestrian directional road safety signs-two matching metal signs-folding stands-£8 each

Two pedestrian directional signs with changeable direction. The metal sign faces and metal folding bases show some signs of use and wear but are fully functional. The metal sign faces are approx. 60 x 45 cms. The folding stands are approx. 90 cms tall when folded, 80 cms when open.


Go Left/Go Right arrows-interchangeable road signs and weighted base-£10.00

Go Left/Go Right arrows-interchangeable road signs and weighted base.
The Go Left arrow & base are 110 cms in height, with the smaller Go Right arrow & base measure 100 cms in height. Some slight wear and tear.


Lightening conductor-spearhead tip-4 foot tall & made of metal alloy.

In very good used condition. Made from a metal alloy. 48 inches [4 foot] tall with an overall width of 19 inches. The shaft measures 1 ½ x 2 ¼ inches and has a 1 inch spine on two opposite sides.


Double wrought metal  gates-each gate is 100 cms wide  x 97 cms high-£25.00 for the pair.

Double wrought metal gates with hinge pin receivers. Each gate measure 100 x 97 cms with 4 cms extra for the receivers. Both gates are in very good solid usable used condition but need repainting as the black paint is peeling due to weathering. There are no hinge pins with the gates.


Wrought metal decorative double gates-93 inches overall width including hinge lugs-90 inches overall width ex. hinge lugs -£35.00

In excellent original used condition, the paint is very good with only a couple of small patches missing showing oxidization. The main frame is 15 mm square steel bar, the uprights are 10 mm square bar, the curlicues on top are 12 mm flat steel bar.
The overall width of the two gates when closes is 90 inches [45 inches each gate]  with an extra 1 ½ inches to be added on at each end for the pin hinge lunge [overall 46 ½ inches for each gate]. There are no pin hinges supplied with these gates. The gate panels are 36 ½ inches high, with the curlicues on top included they are 40 ½ inches high. Each gate weighs 15 kgs plus.


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