A photo graphic record of the crisis in Nigeria in the early 1960’s and the resulting Biafran secession from Nigeria and the subsequent terrible civil war.


1st edition, soft covers, 220 illustrated pages, published in 1971. In very good original condition. Some minor wear to the edges of the soft cover.


Just as the Daily Times where he was for several decades chief photographer, was the generic name for newspapers, he was also for a long time the generic name for photography in Nigeria. If you wasted time in taking a photograph, you were automatically written off as “not Peter Obe.” On the other hand, if you exhibited some measure of mastery, you earned the name, “Peter Obe.”

He was a legend. Indeed, in the Daily Times, he was not mentioned by name; rather, he was “Ace” indicating his high quality, excellence. His photographs were always stamped “Exclusives.” And, truly, they were: in a different class.

His coverage of the Nigerian civil war for the Daily Times resulted in a one-of-its-kind book, “Nigeria: A Decade of Crisis in Pictures.””