1982 Gordon’s Ceramic Cocktail Shaker and Accessories-£25.00

For the gin connoisseur. A ceramic cocktail shaker designed under licence from Gordon’s by Hobbs Welch in 1982. The ceramic shaker and contents are all in original new and unused condition and the shaker stands approx. 10 inches high. When distributed in 1982 they had cocktail accessories packed inside. This set has most of the original accessories and they are all in original new and unused condition: 1 white bar towel; 1 Gordon’s bottle pourer, 5 Gordon’s coasters, 1 Gordon’s leaflet on mixing cocktails, 4 plastic animals to hang on the side of the glass so that you know which is your drink, 3 cocktail umbrellas, 2 plastic bendy straws, 3 plastic swizzle sticks, and a plastic mixing spoon.


Antique ball and claw cast iron bath feet-set of 4 matching feet-£60.00

A set of four antique cast iron ball and claw bath tub feet in excellent undamaged condition. The ball part of the foot is about the size of a cricket ball.
Each foot is approx. 9 inches wide by 11 inches long by 7 inches deep.


Art Deco Cast Iron Adjustable Bath Feet-£45 for the set of four

All four feet are in original condition and ideal for restoring a bath or adding to another piece of furniture. They need restoring [stripping and repainting?] but all the nuts and bolts are in good order.

Italian Dove Marble Table Top or Sculpture Base-moulded sides-rounded corners-dimensions 25 x 18.5 x 2 inches-£30.00

Italian Dove Marble Table Top or Sculpture Base

A piece of worked Italian Dove marble with moulded edges and rounded corners. Ideal for a table top or the base for a sculpture or model. The overall length of the bottom side is 25” long, the width is 18 ½”. The top is 22 ¾” long by 15 ¼” wide. Overall thickness is 2”. Very heavy, weight 25 Kgs plus. It has two approx. ½” diameter holes drilled in it which could be used for fixing, or they could be filled.


Five new & unused matching porcelain door finger plates with Gold Greek key pattern borders, made by B.E.L. Products.

All made by B.E.L. Products and all in original unused condition
Each plate measures 10 ½ inches long by 2 ¾ inches wide.


Vintage Womens Institute enamelled badges. Both in very good original condition-£5 the 2.


23 Assorted vintage 1950’s & 1960’s ladies belt buckles-For sale as one lot for £20.00

 Dating from the 1960’s, and possibly earlier, the ladies belt buckles all appear to be made of different types of plastic.
All in excellent original condition.


1914 Childrens Farmyard Jigsaws-2 x double sided puzzles with book in original wooden box-£15.00

Made in or just after 1914. Two double sided wooden farmyard livestock themed jigsaws with their original illustrated book in their original sliding lid box. These puzzles are great fun to do as the pieces have picture sections on both sides which make them more difficult to place, and the pieces differ in the way they are shaped and cut to most modern jigsaws. I had to complete them to take the photos.

The colour on the jigsaw pieces is very good and there is no damage to the pieces although there is one piece missing on the haymaking/rabbits puzzle. The sheep/horses puzzle is complete.

The illustrated book has soft covers and all of the pages are present and in very good condition, but the covers are detached from the pages and the pages are only just held together by a small section of hinge at the top.

When completed the jigsaws measure 12 x 10 inches.

The box is in very good original condition but does have some slight signs of age and wear. It also has some pencil scribble marks on it. It measures 12 ½ x 10 ½ x 2 ½ inches.