The Physicians Friend-Doctor thanking French chef for providing more patients-1815 satirical print-£25.00

Drawn by Charles Williams & published by T. Tegg in October of 1815. A hand-coloured original copper engraved satirical print showing the interior view of a large kitchen where a well-fed physician is grasping the hand of a French cook to thank him for his culinary abilities which increase the frequency of the physician’s visits to the premises.

Chef:- “Ah Mister Docteur! how you do Sare! you see I make de friqasee de ragoo, and de Kickshaw!!!”
The doctor: “Yes my good friend I see you are hard at it, and I never can quit the house of my rich patients without shaking hands with the cook. I owe you much, for you confer great favours on me, your skill in kickshaws and the ingenious art of poisoning enables us medical Men to ride in our carriages, without your assistance we should all go on foot and be stared [sic]!!-“
A female cook (right) with a rolling-pin says to a kitchen-maid holding a sucking-pig on a spit: “I say Bet let’s kick him for a fee.”

The print is in excellent original condition with clear impression marks, and the frame is in VG condition and glazed with safety glass. Frame measures 14 x 10 ½ inches.

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